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How To Replace Integra Cam Seal – DIY Guide


First off, let me start by saying that Integras come equipped with three different motors, the B18B1 (RS, LS, SE, GS), B18C1 (GSR), and the B18C5 (Type R). When changing the cam seal on these motors, the B18C1 and B18C5 are a tad bit different from the B18B1. Click here for more information on these motors or how to find out what motor you have!

OEM Honda Cam Seal Plug
I mean look at this OEM Honda Cam Seal plug, it’s basically made out of plastic! Weak!

The OEM Honda cam seals are absolute crap in my opinion, majority of all Integras that have the OEM cam seals are bound to leak oil. If your symptoms match the ones below, the cam seal could be the one to blame for the oil leak. Follow this guide on how to replace Integra cam seal plug.

Even if you aren’t leaking oil, you can still always change the cam seal just to dress up your engine bay. They make cam seals in a variety of different colors for your taste.


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  • Oil leak on the bottom passenger side of the head where the block and head meet.
  • Looks like oil is leaking from the head gasket.

integra cam seal oil leak position

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then a faulty cam seal could be the reason! Lets get started with this guide!

4 thoughts on “How To Replace Integra Cam Seal – DIY Guide

  1. Great explanations. Thank you.
    I am changing vc gasket, distributor o-ring and the cam seal. Is there a best order to do those 3 things?

  2. I have a 1996 acura integra ls 1.8l b18b1. if i rebuilt it with racing parts top to botom do I have to do a tun up? And how many hp can the b18b1 block can handle?

  3. Thanks for the advise mate. My Honda was pissing oil out of the CAM last weekend.

    I placed an order for a new one through you guys, thanks for sorting me out with some proper equipment.

    I just don’t get why Honda makes crappy parts made from Plastic? Using Aluminium or Carbon would be a much better choice and not even that much more expensive.

    Best of luck and the step by step guide is better then a Haynes manual!

  4. This website is fantastic. I can’t believe how much time and effort you put in to covering every single detail of this subject and the processes involved. Absolutely clear and understandable, step-by-step instruction, with pictures! Thank you so much for producing this very valuable and useful article. I’ll be referring to your website often for sure!

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