light bulb clip artWhen it comes to modifying the lights on an Integra, it is one of the most simplest modifications you can do that can boost your appearance. Just switching from regular headlights to HIDs, or regular bulbs to LEDs can make a huge difference on your looks, especially at night.

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How to Mod Lights for Acura Honda Integra:


  • Complete List of Integra Bulb Sizes – Integra Lighting Mods March 05th, 2016 integra bulb sizesThis is the complete list of all bulb sizes used on all third generation Acura Honda Integras models (DC2, DC4, DB7, DB8):   Front Integra Headlights Low Beam: 9006 Average Price: $10 for a pair Place to Purchase: Online (Amazon, Ebay), Walmart, Any local automotive store (AutoZone, Advance Auto, O-Reilys)     Front Integra HID Upgrade Kit Headlight Bulb Size: 9006/HB4 Average ... Read more about this post...

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