Acura Integra Commercials | Brad Pitt?!

So I was really curious one day…

I was sitting there in my Integra and I thought to myself… wow, I wonder how they used to market these bad boys, was there any commercials? So I did some digging on YouTube and come to find out there were actually quite a few interesting commercials put out for Acura Integras! Not only interesting but some of them are quite humorous as well.  Acura even had celebrity endorsements using Brad Pitt as the face of the commercial, wow!

I hope these catch an interest upon you as they did for me, let us take a flash to the past and begin!

#1: 98-01 Integra Airplane Analogy Commercial

This one is pretty neat to see how much they boasted the DOHC 16V B-Series engine… comparing it to an airplane jet engine? Interesting…

#2: Not Since Hot Wheels – 1995 Acura Integra

Oh man, for this coming out in 1995, the creativity in making this is amazing. I’m sure around this time is when Hot Wheels were a popular trend, so Acura went ahead and made a “track” to put the Integra on. Wow, simply amazing, and the ending where the narrator says, “track sold separately” had me dying!

#3: Doggy Family 4DR GSR Commercial 1994

Man oh man, every time I watch this one it cracks me up! I love how video transitioned from being a cartoon drawing to a real life video of an Integra. Even dogs love Acura Integras!

#4: One of the first initial Integra commercials that displayed the new body style that changed from the DA Integras to the DC! Showed in Japan, awesome!

Alright, so let’s admit it, this one is a tad bit on the cheesier side of things. It really brought you back to the past, didn’t it? Still, though, it’s a pretty badass commercial.

#5: Brad Pitt speaking Japanese?!

Okay so honestly I don’t have an exact idea of what this commercial is trying to portray with the crazy interactions between Brad and the little kid other than their faces are hilarious! But WOW, look how young Brad looks and how clean that Integra is. This one was aired in Japan as I can tell due to the Integra having the Japanese front end! Really cool.

#6: Brad Pitt again!!

That is totally how I start my mornings off as well Brad. Again with this one, no clue what is trying to portray with the Integra but damn that Japanese front end is looking beautiful! Funny how Honda hires an American man to star in a commercial but not even have this front end body style in America, sigh…

#7: Berlin – Take my Breath Away

Damn Japan, really digging that American music huh? I find it pretty interesting how they market the English by using stars and celebrities at that time. Very catchy song, it is stuck in my head now. Along with this beautiful 4-door Integra.

To conclude…

All in all, this was a very interesting find for me as I see a lot of things from a business standpoint. The way Acura/Honda marketed their target audience is pretty unique I’d say. Very smart thinking getting Brad Pitt to get involved, I’m sure the Integra is still the fastest car he has ever driven, haha! All jokes aside I believe majority Integra owners will find this post interesting! If you find any other commercials, go ahead and leave a link down below and I will check it out!

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  1. Cool too find this site I have a couple integras was a chevelle guy Bk n the day love that rear wheel drive green one on the net if uve seen it I could never bring myself to cut a integra I think tho ..anywho look fwd to chatting I cannot stop collecting parts before they fall into the wrong hands lol..😎🌴

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