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When it comes to building, you can start from scratch but it is much more easier if you have ideas and plan out what you are going to do and how much you will need to spend. Not only do you need physical necessities, but you have to plan things out mentally as well!

Photo credit: Umas Reflection

This is what this part of the site is for! Here you can find builds submitted from fellow users to use as motivation and inspiration. To newcomers that don’t really understand what a “build” is, all it simply means is someones documentation of progression on their vehicle. It usually starts off with a picture of how they got the car and ends with how the car now currently sits. There should be descriptions and series of updates in between and should always start with goals.

If you would like to submit a build, please view our “Submit Build” page, and follow the directions. Integra Mods will be looking forward for some interesting builds to be put on here!

Thank you all for your cooperation!

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