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Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Johnny and I am integra mods owner johnny maia passionate car enthusiast! I am more into particularly Japanese vehicles but one of my forever favorites will be the Acura/Honda Integras! I remember when the Fast & Furious movies franchise first came out and since then, I have been hooked.  We all have our own different background and story on how we became car enthusiasts, but one thing we all share is the passion.

Back then, I would have never guessed that I would be this tuned into cars but I am beyond grateful that I found this passion because the feeling of hopping in your car and going out for a cruise is indescribable. I’m sure many of you can relate to this feeling… to some it is their escape away from reality, to some it is their stress reliever. To me, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to just get in my Integra and meet up with couple of my buddies and just go cruise around town breaking necks; knowing that you have invested your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears into your car and being recognized for it. It is part of my life, and I want to more people to feel this same passion.

integra cruising gifHow this site got started was because a lot of my friends would always ask me “where did you buy this, how did you do that” and I got tired of digging through my history to give them an answer or finding the link to where I bought the part from. I can now instead just say “hey man, just go to www.integramods.com” which makes things much more simpler! I want to help people be more involved in modifying their vehicle by making this website the “go to” website for all their needs.

My main goal isn’t just to help people, it’s much more emotional then that. I get a certain positive vibe every time I come across a modified vehicle because I feel as if I’m looking at someone’s expression of their personality. I want more people to feel the connection to their car… and I will do that step by step, one post at a time. So please, #staymodding and I will do my best to keep this site up to date and put out as much content as I possibly can for all of you Integra owners. Later down the road of my journey, I will definitely make websites for other popular JDM cars, so be on the look out for what’s to come.

johnny mai family picturesTo sum it up, I want to let you guys know that I am no professional mechanic or certified technician. I learn all my knowledge from fellow car enthusiasts and my own experiences and research. I’m sure there are people more advanced in the Honda game, but not many of them are willing to make a website like I am to share their knowledge. As I stated earlier, I will do my absolutely best to keep this site posted because I am so passionate about this. Along with me being a father of a beautiful daughter and a husband to my beautiful wife, I may be busy but being the founder of Integra Mods and making sure my fellow Integra owners are being helped are one of my top priorities :). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a little about me, I hope we can stay more in touch! STAY MODDING!

If you would like to see the cars I have owned in the past, click here!

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