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Welcome to Integra Mods! The one-stop site for all your Integra needs!

Thank you for visiting Integra Mods! If you are looking to modify your Acura/Honda Integra, then you have come to the right place! Specifically for the years of 1994-2001 (DC2, DC4, DB7, DB8)!

As a car enthusiast and Integra owner myself, I have been through the process of wanting to do something to my Integra but not knowing exactly how to do it, so I go and search the web. I then find myself spending too much time going through multiple forums and websites just to find the right “how to” and it definitely is a time waster!

This is where this site comes to help make your journey of building your Integra easier! How can Integra Mods make it easier? Because Integra Mods searches for mostly all information, DIYs, and tutorials/guides, found on the web and compiles it onto this site so you won’t have to do the searching!

If you already know a good amount of knowledge about Integras, then go ahead and browse through the site by clicking the button below!
If you are new to the game and have little to no knowledge about Integras, I suggest you click the button below to gain some more information!
If you want to start modifying that Integra of yours, but don’t know where to start, no problem! Integra Mods can help start building your Integra by studying your personality and set you up with the right build for your budget and preferences! Click the button below to start!

12 thoughts on “Integra Mods | Home Page

  1. Acura integra perfecter pin point milligram balancer says : like a eagle coasting on a worries no hurry lazy boy recliners aren’t this relaxing😉

  2. Well contacted acura n of coarse these bums on eBay know the laws private sales hey u can say or do whatever..really don’t see How ebay is parts catalog2 on eBay got me for a extra 160.00 dollar’s with false pics on eBay I will b spreadn the word for a minute

  3. Well another tid bit don’t use pep boys calipers Pro stop brand calipers got them out the box missing plastic plug for brake line screw in protection spot had just a lil surface rust over entire caliper..missing one new bolt that screws thru brake line into caliper also the one was smaller and different flared end and finally the new pins the bracket slides on were too small and wouldn’t lock to fasten bracket to caliper so had to use old ones good thing I have a eye for what’s wrong still b puttingm on …

  4. I realize the trademark thing ,than why are the only one on eBay with integra logos on there body panels? Everyone else’s from China same cheap that have is plain Jane n honest ..that’s why I choose them gonna spread the word screw the money this is ethics …

  5. Love those commercials remember a couple I think wings n mad about u maybe were bumpn than n.. dang just saw that they leased them ..u know they built the heck out ofem for that I pretty much consider them a cousin or step brother lol of the early mustangs ,not the over priced commercial boards they are today,integras are fun n easy to work on and control… only built with perfection not n mind..

  6. this website is a fantastic idea you are so right the amount of times you trawl the internet looking for useful information on how to do something is ridiculous. you are on to a winner with this site it would be good if you started expanding it on categories and getting other jap cars up like, although i do understand you have done it on the integra due to you having one. good job love this site

    1. Yea seems free of unnecessary u know what lol one car I have a question is it considered rare may doubt cause its a automatic but anyway its a 95 with no abs no sunroof but chrome door trim like the gsr n non vtec of coarse ..its pretty cool to see how they made lil changes fasteners sum were metal n excellent to reuse ,the first glove locks were just like old mustangs .n they actually weren’t that great n long run that newer style slam all day n hurt it..

  7. Dude this sounds like an awesome website. I think you have a great concept and a good idea for your content. There are all kinds of article about how you could mod your car. I know the few times I’ve tried to mod my car, it was really hard to find good information and a lot of sites conflicted each other. I’m excited to see how this turns out. Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Eric! There are many people out there that want to start modding their cars but they don’t know where to start. So I thought why not make a one stop site! And since I own an Acura Integra myself, I might as well build this site as I build my car you get me? 🙂 Then slowly work my way up with other cars that I am also passionate about. Thank you again Eric for the feedback!


      1. I have a 1996 acura integra ls 1.8l b18b1. if i rebuilt it with racing parts top to botom do I have to do a tun up? And how many hp can the b18b1 block can handle? And if I can use it for my daily drive sammer and winter?

        1. Hey Horacio, if you were to rebuild your LS motor from top to bottom with racing parts, yes I advise you to get a tune! If you are talking about just a tune up, rebuilding your motor from top to bottom is already a major tune up :)! And how many HP can the B18B1 block is a pretty hard question to answer because it really depends on all what has been done to it. From factory stock, I have seen them handle 300hp, but that was a lower mileage block. You can definitely drive a fully built motor around as a daily for the summer and even the winter! But I advise you not to because the gas mileage will definitely go down lol.

          Thanks for stopping by Integra Mods!

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